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About Me

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy. Between 2013-2014, I was a lecturer in the Unit for History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Sydney. I work on issues in philosophy of science and epistemology, in particular on the nature of scientific principles, the problem of theory change and its rationality and the epistemic considerations scientists employ in theory choice. My work is closely connected to the history of philosophy of science and, in particular, the relationship between science and philosophy in the early twentieth century. Some of my recent work concerns the relationship between philosophy of science and virtue epistemology.


I received my doctoral degree in January 2013 from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Bristol. My thesis, Realism, Conventionalism and Theory Choice, was supervised by James Ladyman and examined by Michael Friedman (Stanford) and Samir Okasha (Bristol). Abstract

My doctoral research was funded by the British Society for the Philosophy of Science (2009-2011) and the Royal Institute of Philosophy (2011-2012).


At the MCMP I coordinate the following courses:
    Spring 2015: Aesthetics of Science
    Spring 2016: The A Priori in Science
At the University of Sydney, I coordinated the following courses:
    HPSC 2101: What Is This Thing Called Science?
    HPSC 2901: Philosophy of Science (Advanced)

Academic Activities

I am currently organising the workshop First Principles in Science: Their Epistemic Status and Justification with Catherine Herfeld which will take place in 2016 at the MCMP.

I am also organising the 2016 Munich Summer School on Philosophy of Science for Female Students with Karolina Krzyżanowska and Sam Fletcher.

I was on the programme committee of the 8th Munich-Sydney-Tilburg conference, Objectivity in Science, which took place at the University of Tilburg 10-12 June 2015.

I organised, together with Catherine Herfeld and Kristina Liefke, the Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students which took place at the MCMP in 2015. Blogpost about the summer school.

In 2011, I organised the conference Conventional Principles in Science, which featured Michael Friedman, Hannes Leitgeb, Eleanor Knox and Adam Caulton as keynote speakers. Together with Matt Farr I edited the proceedings in Studies in the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics.

I am the category editor of Varieties of Scientific Realism, Entity Realism and Convergent Realism for PhilPapers.


I am a big fan of Cycladic architecture. View some of my photos from Milos and Santorini.

I spend a lot of time with this fellow philosopher, who happens to be my husband.

My Erdös number is 4: Erdös → J. M. Anderson → K. Binmore → C. Paternotte → Me.


Journal Articles

  • Ivanova, M. (In press.) "Poincaré's Aesthetics of Science," Synthese. Preprint. Abstract
  • Paternotte, C. and Ivanova, M. (In press.) "Virtues and Vices in Scientific Practice," Synthese. Abstract
  • Ivanova, M. (2015) "Conventionalism about what? Where Duhem and Poincaré part ways," Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Volume 54, pp. 80–89. Abstract
  • Ivanova, M. (2015) "Conventionalism, structuralism and neo-Kantianism in Poincaré׳s philosophy of science," Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, Volume 52, Part B, pp. 114–122. Abstract
  • Ivanova, M and Farr, M. (2015) "Conventional Principles in Science: On the foundations and development of the relativized a priori," Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, vol 52, pp. 111-113. Preprint.
  • Ivanova, M. and Paternotte, C. (2013) "Theory Choice, Good Sense and Social Consensus," Erkenntnis, Vol. 78, No. 5, pp. 1109-1132. Preprint. Abstract
  • Ivanova, M. (2013) "Did Perrin's Experiments Convert Poincaré to Scientific Realism?," HOPOS: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 1-19. Preprint. Abstract
  • Ivanova, M. (2011) "‘Good Sense’ in Context: A Response to Kidd," Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science, Vol. 42, pp. 610-612. Abstract
  • Ivanova, M. (2011) "Friedman's Relativized A Priori and Structural Realism: In Search of Compatibility," International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 25, pp. 23-37. Preprint.
  • Ivanova, M. (2010) "Pierre Duhem’s Good Sense as a Guide to Theory Choice," Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science, Vol. 41, pp. 58-64. Preprint. Abstract
  • Book Contributions

  • Ivanova, M. (2014) "Is There a Place for Epistemic Virtues in Theory Choice?" Virtue Epistemology Naturalized: Bridges between Virtue Epistemology and Philosophy of Science (Abrol Fairweather ed.), Synthese Library Volume 366, pp. 207-226 Abstract
  • Ivanova, M. and Psillos, S. (2007) "Pierre Duhem’s Philosophy of Science," in Pierre Duhem, To Save the Phenomena, Nefeli publications (in Greek). Abstract
  • Edited Works

  • Ivanova, M. and Farr, M. (2015) "Conventional Principles in Science: On the foundations and development of the relativized a priori," Special issue of Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, Volume 52, Part B, Pages 111-162.
  • Works in progress

  • Scientific understanding and aesthetic values. (Invited contribution.)
  • Theory change and the a priori. (Invited contribution.)
  • Confirmation holism and the a priori.
  • Talks


  • The evolution of constitutive principles. Venues
  • Mach, Duhem and the Limits of Scientific Knowledge. Venues
  • Poincaré's aesthetics of science. Venues
  • Aesthetics in science. Venues
  • The role and justification of aesthetic values in science. Venues
  • Presented

  • The A Priori in Science. Venues
  • Poincaré's aesthetics of science. Venues
  • Duhem’s solution to theory choice. Venues
  • Conventionalism about what? Where Duhem and Poincaré part ways. Venues
  • Conventionalism, Structuralism and Neo-Kantianism in Poincaré's Philosophy of Science. Venues
  • Does Duhem's 'Good Sense' Make Sense?. (With Cedric Paternotte.) Venues
  • Is There a Place for Epistemic Virtues in Theory Choice? Venues
  • Is the Relativized A Priori Incompatible with Scientific Realism?
  • Can the Realist Solve the Problem of Underdetermination of Theory by Evidence? Venues
  • More Worries for Structural Realism: a Dilemma from the Relativized A Priori. Venues
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